Hi! My name is Ethan Nelson, a literary fiction writer and undergraduate student from Topeka, Kansas. I consider myself a serious, dedicated reader. Last year, I read over sixty-five novels and around a half-dozen short story collections. My reading and writing are my primary interests, but I also enjoy listening to alt-rock, and I enjoy my university job as a Student Ambassador (it’s amazing meeting and getting to know new people, even if it’s only for an hour). My main career goal is to find employment in the field of higher education. In particular, I am interested in working as an admissions counselor or any other career related to college admissions.

        This blog is devoted to making more people avid–or at least dedicated–readers. My book consumption is probably a massive outlier to most people: the average American reads for nineteen minutes a day (check out the link beneath this post). Understandably, many adults feel that they don’t have the time to read, what with full-time jobs, kids, relationships, and the general hectic nature of modern life. However, there is plenty of hope for those who wish they were reading more. In a little over two years, I tripled the amount of books I read. Daily, I read about four times as much, going from thirty minutes to two hours. This is all to say that becoming a reader as an adult, while challenging because of the concentration and sacrifices you will have to make, is definitely doable.

        But what should people read? Not only will this blog help with reading more, it will focus on books that I have enjoyed, works that I feel were instrumental in helping me become the reader I am today. These books “clicked” with me for many reasons, but the most important factors were relevancy, timelessness, vivid characters, and spectacular writing. As a result, I ended up finding literary fiction–in particular the “classics” that are stereotyped as “high school English books”–the best genre for me to get invested in reading. This is not meant to deride other book genres. Instead, I hope that this blog will encourage people to pick up and dust off the classics, both old and more modern ones, and use them to fall in love with reading, just like I did.