“if you’ve got the time after chill at break”

“if that’s okay w/ you, i mean”

“when you’re free to just hang again, okay??”

“what you got for that data file i know it was like crap when i last saw it”

“where they put the new printers pls bc i can’t find them!”

“if you could help me with my tech probs in the future bc i suck at tech”

“what day would work best for coffee”

“if you want decaf bc idk if the place i was thinking about serves that”

“when you want to . . . you know . . . meet next”

“if you were jk when you said that you thought i was incompetent”

“if you think that we’re going somewhere or not”

“if you have a plan”

“when you get out bc i want to talk to you”

“why you would think that”

“why you can’t”

“why you don’t want to”

“why the hell not??!!”


“if you think it’s time for us to let go”

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