Okay, yes, it’s a corny name for a blog series, so maybe it’ll just be a temporary placeholder for now–BUT, anyway, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series called Psyched for Writing.

While I will aim it primarily at writers (and readers), I hope everyone can glean some benefit from the posts. Psyched for Writing will showcase the intersection of psychology and mental well-being with that most creative of pursuits, writing.

Every Thursday you can expect a new post. My first two posts (though they won’t be considered new posts since I wrote them months ago) will be pinned to this blog’s menu pretty soon.

Those posts will be the blogs I wrote on the psychology of reading. Relative to my other posts, those were pretty popular articles, and I’ve always wanted to expand on what I was saying in them to a more writing-focused audience.

Finally, I just want to say that even though I’m minoring in psychology, that doesn’t mean I know everything about the subject (or even most things)–I’ll do my best to research and link to expert articles that back up some of my claims.

I’ll also disclaimer each article by saying I’m not a psychology professional; I’m also considering a disclaimer saying that my content shouldn’t be considered a substitute for mental health treatment because there are some posts in the works that will deal directly with mental well-being and the creative process.

Overall, I’m excited to have this opportunity to share with the wide world of WordPress two of my biggest interests: writing and mental health awareness. So, please stay tuned and expect the first true Psyched for Writing post to arrive on this Thursday.